We are continually integrating the best available technologies into sensors and geophysical monitoring systems.  Our technologies are deployed in settings that range from U.S. based military ranges and hazardous waste sites to overseas forward operating areas and former conflict areas.

WRT advanced geophysical sensing systems:

•  EMI and magnetic survey systems

•  Customized data acquisition systems

•  GPR, NMR, and electrical resistivity instruments

•  Magnetic and electro-optical security systems

•  Marine EM, acoustic, and video surveillance units

•  Navigation and positioning solutions

Sensing Systems

We have experience in the engineering design, development, initial prototyping, testing and field implementation of subsurface sensing technologies to support both military and civilian applications.  We have developed vehicle-mounted and towed  detection & survey systems as well as man-portable sensor arrays.

Modeling and Simulation

WRT’s capabilities in modeling and simulation includes geophysical inversion and parameter estimation, statistical modeling, physics-based simulation, terrain visualization, risk assessment and planning tools. Our simulations have been used to test fundamental theoretical assumptions as well as drive the practical design of both geophysical sensor hardware and software systems. We couple modeling and simulation tightly with design of mechanical and electromechanical systems and associated control software.

Physics-based model of sensor response and interaction with the geophysical environment are used to generate synthetic data for algorithm development in target detection and classification applications

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