We have established a reputation for building solutions to complex problems through an integration of our core capabilities and through strong collaborations with government, academic, and commercial partners. As a small business, we utilize creativity and flexibility to develop innovative systems that address tactical and strategic challenges and better the environment.

Signal Processing, Detection, & Classification

WRT continuously innovates new algorithms for the detection, localization, discrimination, and classification of various buried or concealed threats and hazards as well as environmental and infrastructure targets.

We are dedicated to delivering practical solutions for the most difficult threat detection problems. For example, we have developed and implemented software that enables the discrimination of non-hazardous scrap items from hazardous munitions at sites contaminated with unexploded ordnance.  Our analysts have led the implementation of new advanced sensing hardware coupled with advanced processing algorithms that yield economically significant savings to site managers and government stakeholders.  Our software development has been accelerated & validated through the Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) Live Site Munitions Classification Pilot Studies.



As part of a joint venture, WRT provide ISO 17025 DOD accredited Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) services.  This includes feasibility assessments, AGC data collection and analysis, quality control and quality assurance.  Our team has been deeply involved in the development of hardware and software for advanced geophysical classification of UXO since its inception.  We offer a unique combination of services including the most innovative and best-performing sensor systems and software available.  We are also the only provider capable of end-to-end dynamic (one-pass) classification services using our suite of man-portable, cart-mounted, and vehicle towed dynamic classification sensor arrays (APEX, EMPACT, and Flex-EM).  We also combine industry standard technology with WRT products such as our EMClass AGC analysis software.


Through numerous evaluations, we have perfected procedures for characterizing the magnetic, electromagnetic, and acoustic spatial and temporal signatures of current military systems.  This includes both manned and unmanned undersea, ground, and airborne platforms.

WRT has specialized capabilities in sensor testing and product, system, and/or methods evaluation.  This not only requires multi-disciplinary laboratory instrumentation and expertise, but deep practical experience in the methods, procedures, and standards for in-field implementation of sensor systems.  We support sensor and platform developers to provide crucial evaluations and guidance on production of robust devices that conform to military and commercial specifications and yield reliable and practical end-user experiences.

Test & Evaluation Studies

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