JUN 2023

WRT Supports Greensea IQ in Crawler-based Sensing for Nearshore UXO in California:

WRT supported Greensea IQ using a sensor sled on the Bayonet 250 crawler to facilitate the detection and classification of objects, with a buried depth of up to 3 meters based on material composition.

JUN 2022

WRT Supports Discovery of Warwick Cannons Using UAS-MAG and 3DEM Technologies:

WRT supported GES and the Thomas P. Bentley Nature Preserve using manual and autonomous geophysical surveys that detected and located the Revolutionary War Cannons and other artifacts.

MAR 2018

WRT Dynamic Geophysical Classification Systems Begin Demining Operational Field Evaluations in Southeast Asia with In-country NGO teams:

WRT supported the Army in operational testing of the EMPACT Dynamic Discriminator (DD) at multiple sites in Cambodia in March and April 2018.

DEC  2017

Preliminary Tests of New UUV-based Miniaturized Magnetometer Technology:

WRT supported the US Navy in initial testing of an unmanned underwater magnetometer system.

NOV 2017

WRT Scientists Present New Research and Demonstration Results at the SERPD and ESTCP Annual Symposium:  SERDP Event Summary

JUL 2017

WRT Completes Tests of New Crawler-Towed 3D EM UXO Detection System in Surfzone:

WRT scientists completed successful demonstrations of an amphibious crawler-towed UXO detection and dynamic classification array system to help find and clear the surfzone of military munitions.

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